One Benefit of the Clean Water Act: Great Beer!

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If you enjoy a good cold one every now and then, or if you’re a hobby brewer, you know that clean fresh water is critical to a good beer. Water makes up 90% of that brewski; the very best hops and barley won’t make up for poor water quality. So, while there are more important reasons for celebrating the success of the US Clean Water Act, when you’re enjoying a well-crafted beer, it’s hard to think of them.

This week, NRDC launched its “Brewers for Clean Water” campaign, a celebration of some of the US’ best craft beers, and the clean water supplies that contribute to their quality. Brewers ranging from Colorado’s New Belgium, to California’s Sierra Nevada, to Chicago’s Goose Island all contributed stories about the importance of clean water to their brewing processes, and their own efforts to use this resource responsibly. Β Check this one out from one of my favorites: Traverse City, Michigan’s Founders Brewing Company

If you only find ideas for new beers to try from this campaign, that’s a good start, but there’s much more information available, as well as actions you can take as a beer-lover, or as a craft brewer.

I love a good beer, especially one that has definite local character to it. I hope to see some St. Louis area craft brewers get involved in this campaign; make sure to let your favorite local brewers know about it, also.

Image credit: DR000 via photopin cc

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