Come Hang with sustainablog to Discuss the Climate Summit You Probably Missed

doha climate conference

Did you know that COP 18, the UN Climate Summit in Doha, Qatar, ended last weekend? Probably not – most of us gave very little attention to this year’s annual international gathering on climate change.

What’s up with that? It was only a few years ago that we got pretty excited about these meetings. Now, we let them pass with nary a word. Have we given up on international institutions when it comes to climate change?

Join us tomorrow – Thursday, December 13 – at Hangin’ with sustainablog to discuss what did come out of the Doha summit, and, perhaps more importantly, why we’re not paying much attention to these gatherings any more. Do we expect other institutions to address these issues? Are we just hopeless about our ability to tackle global warming? Whatever you think, join us to share your thoughts.

Hangin’ with sustainablog takes place at 3pm Central on Thursdays at sustainablog’s Google+ page.

Image credit: Arend Kuester via photopin cc

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