Efficient Emergency Lighting Stays Ready to Work

emergency lighting

emergency lighting

Emergency appliances – from lighting to smoke alarms to security systems – aren’t necessarily the biggest energy users in our homes. But not only do you not want to waste electricity, you also want to know that yourΒ equipment is ready to go when you need it. Just as you don’t want your home to burn down because the smoke alarm has an old battery, you also don’t want your emergency lights to not function because of burned-out bulbs.

Efficiency elements not only keep energy use in check, but also keep necessary parts fresh longer. Here are some ideas for keeping those lighting systems burning bright… without using up tons of electricity.

How to Keep Emergency Lights Efficient and Effective

Use LED Bulbs: As we’ve noted numerous times before, LED light bulbs are efficiency powerhouses, using 10% of the wattage of incandescent bulbs. They also last a really long time: 50,000 hours vs. 8000 for a CFL. Choosing an emergency lighting system with LED bulbs helps insure that your lights will go on when you need them on.

Use Motion Sensors: If you’re planning to use your lighting system primarily for security, there’s really no need to have those lights blazing away at all hours. Motion sensors will keep intruders away without running up the electric bill or creating unnecessary wear on the system.

Consider a Self-Diagnostic Testing Emergency Light: Sure, we all have the best of intentions in terms of checking the batteries in our smoke alarms… but still forget to do it (even when the time changes). Emergency lighting systems have self-diagnostic testing options available, so why not let the appliance check itself out for readiness.

Consider an Alternative Energy Back-Up Power Source: Since these systems need to operate often when main power systems have failed, having your emergency lighting back-up batteries connected to solar panels can keep them shining bright even when the power’s out.

Got other ideas for keeping your emergency lights running efficiently and bright? Share them with us in the comments.

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