So, How Much Does that Electric Car Really Cost? [Infographic]

Electric vehicles and hybrids still generally cost more upfront than a gas model – the technologies powering these vehicles are still relatively new. Of course, the those new technologies also cost much less to operate, as electricity’s definitely cheaper than an equivalent amount of gas. But powering a car is only part of the equation: regardless of fuel type, you still have to insure a car, and pay maintenance costs. How do those requirements factor into the comparison?

Take a look at this infographic from InsuranceQuotes.com for a broader picture of the cost of cars based on how they’re powered… and see why you’ve got a few more reasons to take that hybrid or EV into consideration.

Need to see a larger version of the infographic? Just click on it.

compare the costs of gas, electric, and hybrid cars


Image credit: InsuranceQuotes.com

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