“Energy Camp” Features Hunter Lovins, Adam Werbach, and More…

openeco.JPGMeant to get this one published much earlier in the week… life (or, more appropriately, administrative tasks) does (do) get in the way…:P

Today, at UC-San Francisco’s Conference Center, Sun Microsystems will be hosting OpenEco.org’s “Energy Camp,” a free one-day event that focuses on bringing together environmental leaders and software developers to discuss “coding for the environment.” Speakers will include L. Hunter Lovins, Adam Werbach, Ted Nordhaus and Michael Shellenberger. The event begins at 9 am PST.

Now, you may be thinking, “Wow, Jeff, that’s kind of lame to announce an event on the day it’s happening.” I agree… but, you don’t need to move your schedule around (if you’re in the Bay Area), or even catch a quick flight (if you’re not): you can participate from anywhere through a Ustream webcast at either sun.com or OpenEco.org/energycamp. There’s also a wiki that will be available at http://www.openeco.org/wiki/Energy_Camp_2008.

This looks like it will be a great time, and we will have a GO Media writer there covering it. Additionally, we’ve heard there may be some video clips available of some of the speakers; if so, we’ll share those with you at Ecoscraps. If you go, please let us know how it went (or, how it’s going, if you’d like to comment during the Camp).

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