What’s Hot in CleanTech

Wind turbinesEditor’s note: We’re pleased to have Carol McClelland, founder of Green Career Central, join sustainablog as a weekly columnist on green careers. Carol’s columns will appear every Thursday.

As a green career consultant, one of the questions I hear most frequently is what’s hot in cleantech? In greentech? In renewable energy?

Although I can give green career changers my impression, I always encourage them to connect with experts in their fields of choice to understand the hottest trends and future directions. In my mind, those who live, breathe, and work in a field are going to know much more than someone looking at it from the outside.

Recently I clicked on a link from Inside Cleantech by the Cleantech Group to discover a gold mine of information for green job seekers who are getting up to speed on cleantech.

The Cleantech Group, a membership organization of investors, cleantech companies and organizations, has tracked the cleantech sector to discover business opportunities for investment purposes. Given the dollars they have on the line, I’m willing to bet they’ve put everything they’ve got behind their research.

They’ve created keyword clouds that can show you at a glance what they consider to be hot!

  • If you are searching for hot industries take a look at the largest words in this cloud. Then take a second look at the words that are at the next largest size. These are the industry sectors that are also worth tracking.
  • If you are researching hot companies, scan this list of companies the Cleantech Group has written about since 2006. You will no doubt recognize some of the hottest companies. You’ll also find companies you haven’t heard about yet.

No matter which cloud you explore, click through on the items that interest you and you’ll find the list of articles related to the corresponding key word. Use these articles to get a detailed understanding of what is happening in that industry or company.

By the way, if you would like to learn more about the industries associated with cleantech, read their informative explanation.

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