Fashion From Sustainable Fisheries: Tidal Vision Will Use Fishing Waste To Create Stylish Looks

sustainable fisheries to fashion

sustainable fisheries to fashion

Throughout my time as a blogger, I’ve shared with you some pretty cool ideas of how waste is transformed into fashion. We’ve explored how ocean plastic is turned into jeans and ways beer tabs become jewelry. But today’s posting tops my list as one of the most interesting of all time. Alaskan pre-launch start-up Tidal Vision is  designing fashion-forward pieces from sustainable fisheries’ “waste.” The brand plans to use materials like fish skins and crab shells, typically discarded, to create two collections of products.

Wild Alaskan salmon skin will be made into leather for apparel, wallets, purses and belts. The Chitosan (pronounced Ky-toe-zan) found in crab and shrimp shells will be harvested and spun into shirts, boxers, socks and much more –minus the fishy smell, of course. Chitosan fabrics have natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, making them perfect for fighting odors and keeping skin dry. It’s also very similar to cotton in its feel and durability. While new advancements in sustainable clothing are always fun to learn more about, Tidal Vision’s founder, Craig Kasberg, wants customers to know his company stands for more than stylish products.

Find Out How You Can Support Alaska’s Sustainable Fisheries & Receive Exclusive Discounts, Free Products

tidal vision logoTidal Vision’s mission is two-fold: promote greater awareness about how wastefulness hurts ocean life, and leverage economic success for fisheries who are respecting the environment and its resources. The company’s website claims, “We realized that if the Ocean’s byproducts were used to their fullest potential, it would add value to the fisheries struggling with the costs of protecting against overfishing, pollution, and habitat damaging fishing methods.”

If you sign up to become an Early Bird Member before the brand’s launch in about five months, you’ll receive exclusive discounts and even a free product! This includes 10% off all future online purchases, a $10 e-gift card and a prelaunch version of one of the first apparel or accessory products made from fishery byproducts. All for free!

Find out how Tidal Vision plans to continue making big waves in the fishery industry on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Image credit: Alan Vernon. via photopin cc

Tidal Vision’s Logo courtesy of Craig Kasberg

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