Five for Friday: Great Green Blog Posts for the Week (6/18/10)

One more thing to cheer for at the World Cup... some teams are offsetting their carbon emissions
One more thing to cheer for at the World Cup... some teams are offsetting their carbon emissions

Friday’s quickly turning into a link-a-palooza here at sustainablog between Five for Friday and the Green Business Blog Carnival… but we’re happy to give out the love to our fellow green bloggers… so much good stuff out there.

The politics of the Gulf oil spill dominated the week, with President Obama’s speech (and the reactions to it), the agreement with BP to establish an escrow account to pay out claims, and congressional hearings featuring BP CEP Tony Hayward. But that’s not all that bloggers and readers are discussing… so here’s our run-down of five posts that caught our attention this week.

Our Five for Friday green blog post round-up

  • No new CSR minister? For ten years, the British government has had a cabinet-level corporate social responsibility (CSR) minister… but the new coalition government has yet to fill this post. Fabian Pattberg discusses the new government’s foot-dragging on this position… and ways to make this post more relevant.
  • Still hunting for that perfect green Father’s Day gift? Earth 911 has a list of suggestions for unique, relatively inexpensive gifts you can give to Dad this Sunday.
  • Not your ordinary Girl Scout: I freely admit that I don’t know what usually counts for a Girl Scout Gold Award project, but I’m guessing that building a environmental education center out of green materials goes well beyond the norm.  High school-aged green builder Sarah Jo Lambert shares her story, and her vision, on the EPA’s Greenversations blog.
  • Hooters girls contribute to oil spill clean-up: Yes, you read that right… Hooter’s girls, from the sports bar chain. Project Pantyhose involves taking the server’s used hose, and donating it for use in oil spill booms. The Inspired Economist has the scoop
  • Root for the carbon neutral teams: About half of the teams competing in the World Cup in South Africa are offsetting the carbon emissions they generate from travel and lodging, according to Green Living Ideas.

That’s our five… what did you see this week that caught your attention? Share it with us…

Need other Fathers’ Day gift ideas? We’ve got a ton of men’s clothing items listed in the Green Choices product comparison engine, including organic socks, polo shirts, shorts, and pants.

Image credit: Eustaquio Santimano at Flickr under a Creative Commons license

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