Five for Friday: Great Green Blog Posts for the Week (7/23/10)

save the beach hotel
The Save the Beach Hotel in Rome

While the oil spill continues to dominate the green blogosphere, one of the most interesting things I’m seeing this week is the relative quiet about tropical storm Bonnie heading right towards the central Gulf Coast. Could be these posts haven’t gotten indexed yet… would love to see some details on the potential impacts of the storm not just on clean-up efforts, but also on the Gulf ecosystem.

The other big news this week (which you may well have missed in all the hubbub about Shirley Sherrod): Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid abandoned efforts to pass a climate bill this year, claiming the votes just aren’t there. This is a relatively new development, so keep an eye out for the response from the green blogs (beyond the post we have listed below).

As always, though, lots of good stuff this week. Here’s what caught our attention this week…

Our Five for Friday green blog post picks for July 18-23

  1. The one in-depth post on the climate bill I have seen so far comes from David Roberts at Grist (who, of course, stays right on top of such developments). David doesn’t sugar-coat the situation at all, but does point to some potential (political) consequences that could arise from failing to tackle global warming this year.
  2. A genuine Eurotrash hotel: Springwise has been one of my favorite blogs for years, and it’s because of finds like this one — in June, Corona’s Save the Beach campaign built a “hotel” next to Castel Sant’Angelo in Rome out of trash collected from European beaches. The building was only open for 3 days, but did host guests… including model Helena Christensen.
  3. Online gambling goes green? Tim Hurst at Earth & Industry takes a look at a corporate responsibility effort by the online gaming industry: Green Bet. This company “exploits the affiliate marketing model to allow gamblers to direct a portion of the casino’s profits to support worthy causes.” A large portion of the funds are invested in renewable energy projects; another chunk is donated to non-profits.
  4. A new frame for climate change: According to Josh Hill at Planetsave, an “exploratory study” by researchers at George Mason University shows that Americans want action on global warming… when it’s presented as a public health threat.
  5. Upcycled Styrofoam: You can’t recycle the stuff, and it just doesn’t break down… so why not reuse it creatively? Becky Striepe at Crafting a Green World shows some examples of Styrofoam-based arts and crafts

What did you find this week in the green blogosphere? Share your favorites with us…

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Image credit: Save the Beach’s Facebook page

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