GP #14: Another College Goes Renewable

From RenewableEnergyAccess.com, news of Napa Valley College‘s new solar array, the largest in Northern California:

The system, sited on a field near the southern Napa River, was installed as part of the colleges ambitious facilities improvement project. Covering nearly 150,000 square feet, the solar electric tracking system will leverage an untapped asset a floodplain thats otherwise unusable.

“We’re delighted that solar power is being deployed here at Napa Valley College,” said Dr. Christopher McCarthy, President, Napa Valley College. “Our institution is committed to utilizing state-of the art technologies that lower costs, enhance operation, and help us achieve our sustainability goals.”

“Increased deployment of solar power should be one of our nations highest priorities,” said Congressman Mike Thompson. “Affordable, reliable renewable energy is critical for our long term economic and energy security, as well for the health of our environment.”

“By deploying a cost-effective, reliable, non-polluting energy solution system, we’re reducing our electricity bill, and contributing to the regions overall environmental health,” said Dan TerAvest, Director of Construction and Campus Planning.

In case you can’t tell, a lot of people were on hand to make speeches. The new system will provide definite benefits, though, in spite of all the hot air released at its dedication:

Over the 30-year life of the photovoltaic system, the solar generated electricity will reduce emissions of carbon dioxide by 13,800 tons. These emissions reductions are equivalent to planting over 130 acres of trees, removing 2,700 cars from Californias highways, or not driving 35 million miles.

Congrats, NVC! They’re solar and they have wine grapes in the school logo… now that’s a college!

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