Green Talk Radio: Drinking Water Tips

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Sean Daily, Green Living Ideas’ Editor-In-Chief, discusses health tips and dangers about drinking water with Colin Ingram, Author of The Drinking Water Book.

[Courtesy of our friends at GreenLivingIdeas.com]

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Drinking Water Tips

  1. Chris

    Hi Sean,

    I enjoyed your interview with Colin Ingram. I filter my water for my orchids, so have a keen interest in water quality. My orchid species get purer water than my family!

    I wanted to make one comment about water storage. In the interview, Mr. Ingram cautiously warned about the overgrowth of microbes in carbon filters and the like over time. I have seen algae growth in my reverse osmosis lines in the greenhouse, so I can verify this to be true. It really surprised me tho, as you’d think there’d be insufficient substrate available for these organisms to prosper – especially in the ultrapure RO output. Au contraire.

    (aka eco57)

  2. Trish

    Can you tell me your thoughts on alkaline water?? I have been researching the best machine to buy for home use and feel I have narrowed it down and would love your opinion!


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