Help Fund a Documentary on Haiti’s Long-Term Food Crisis


Heard much about post-quake Haiti recently? Probably not, unless you’re really digging for news on it… after the initial shock and horror, the cameras and reporters seemed to move on. Β And even when they were there, they focused on the immediate crisis… very few dealt with any history that could’ve helped answer the question “How have these people remained so poor after decades of international assistance?”

Beyond the mainstream media, some have attempted to deal with this question: Scott Sabin’s Tending to Eden, for instance, dug into many of the root causes of the country’s immense poverty and food insecurity. Pangea Films, a small production company focused on making documentaries that “capture cultures and cultural phenomena in search of common humanity,” is now taking up the story of this small island nation, and of recovery efforts that are working to build a sustainable, self-sufficient future for Haiti. In their film Hands That Feed, Pangea will explore “the agricultural collapse in Haiti, its role in the post-earthquake food crisis, and the emerging grassroots development models that seek to restore Haiti’s food supply and environment.”

You can help bring this documentary on Haiti’s food crisis to the screen…

In order to raise the $15,000 needed to fund filming in Haiti, Pangea and producer Josh Levin have created a campaign at Kickstarter. They’re well on their way to meeting their goal, but only have until Monday, August 2nd (yep, next Monday) at 11 pm CDT to raise the full amount… or they get nothing. They still need just over $1300.

As Josh told me in an email, if 150 people give just $10, they’ll make it… and there are certainly enough of us out here who’d like to see this story told that can spare ten bucks. So, I’m in… how about you?

Take a look at the project video above, read the details on their Kickstarter page, and think about kicking in a few dollars to help with this worthy cause. Just do it soon…

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