Keeping Up…

Dave Roberts at Grist once wrote that I must never get off the Internet… While that’s not exactly true, I do spend a lot of time looking for interesting stories and developments to post to sustainablog. At the same time, of course, my full-time job actually expects me to put in some time, you know, working, and with adding job hunting to my regular activities, as well as my recent illness (that “cold” turned out to be the shingles… yuck), I’m working on ways to streamline the process of bringing you quality content. One way I’ve done this is by posting items I don’t mention directly on sustainablog to my del.icio.us page. So, if you want even more news about the world of sustainability beyond what you find here, subscribe to the feed, or to sustainablog’s feed: I’ve set up the blog’s feed to aggregate my del.icio.us posts daily.

As always, I encourage and appreciate your feedback.

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