Live sustainablogging from the San Francisco Green Festival

sanfrancisco07.jpgAnd we’re off … the San Francisco Green Festival opened just over an hour ago, and it already looks like it’s going to be a great weekend. Most of the Green Options team is here to help spread the word on our newest offerings: the Green Options Media blog network (of which sustainablog is a proud member, along with Eco Child’s Play, Profitable Passions: Entrepreneurs and the Environment, and many more to come). We’re also showing off the first version of Renewzle, a financial analysis tool for solar power.

No more marketing, though: I’ll be doing plenty of that over the weekend. My live blogging here this weekend will focus on the event itself, the speakers, vendors, visitors… you get the picture. Haven’t yet gotten a chance to walk around the Concourse Exhibition Center and find out who’s here, but it’s already packed on a Friday afternoon … There are some great speakers lined up also, including Deepak Chopra, Paul Hawken, and Amy Goodman …

Been up since 3 this morning, so I’ll keep this one short … but there will be much more to come! If you’re coming to Green Fest, come by and say “Hi!” β€” booth 755.

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