A Living Roof with Solar Panels: Even Better than We Thought

Editor’s note: Green roofs and solar panels? Two of our favorite technologies! Green Building Elements points to a new study that shows they work quite well together.

Living Roofs Boost Solar Panel Performance (via Green Building Elements)

You`ve probably heard about some of the benefits that come with green roofs. Green roofs have the ability to mitigate the heat island effect, absorb rainwater and improve overall insulation. Numerous studies have shown that green roofs can significantly reduce a building`s energy consumption: One Canadian…

  1. leozouch

    Was just looking into the Solar Joos charger last night and it looks like a really good option. Another is the new design on the Solio Bolt. I haven’t had any experience at all with these yet, but one thing that may steer me towards the Solar Joos is its ability to directly charge a GPS or smartphone without having to first charge the internal batteries.

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