Join Us to Discuss October Unprocessed at the Important Ideas HOA

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October is harvest time: lots of celebration of good food that’s come straight out of the ground. It’s as good a time as any to try weeding processed foods out of your diet… or, that’s my take on why Andrew Wilder of Eating Rules decided to make October the month he’d try going an entire 31 days without eating any processed foods. He first gave this a shot in 2009; since then, October Unprocessed has become a staple event in the foodie-a-sphere.

Tomorrow at 3pm Central, I’ll be talking with several Important Media bloggers about their participation in October Unprocessed.Β Andrea Bertoli of Vibrant Wellness Journal, Heather Carr of Blue Living Ideas, Becky Striepe of Eat.Drink.Better, and others will discuss the steps they’ve taken to prepare for a full month of whole food goodness, the recipes they’ll try (as well as the old standards on which they’ll rely), and the rationale for taking such action in a world dominated by processed foods.

Want to discuss this with us? Come on in: we’ll hold the Hangout on Air at the Important Media G+ page on Thursday. You don’t have to jump into the discussion – you can just watch if you’d rather – but feel free to let me know if you’d like to participate directly. You can also chime in via Twitter (or a G+ post) with the #impid hastag.

Need some help figuring out the whole Hangout on Air thing? Check out Google’s support pages

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