More Evidence for Wind Power Naysayers

From Alternative Energy~Renewable Energy, news of a report out of Germany (the largest European producer of wind energy) that claims “Wind farms are an expensive and inefficient way of generating sustainable energy…” Greenpeace’s Jim Footner responded to the report by saying:

You can’t energy-efficiency your way out of climate change… You need to have clean forms of energy generation, and wind power is the technology that’s competitive, current and it’s the one that’s available now.

The British Wind Energy Association also responded to the report:

“The UK has a far greater wind resource than Germany. The winds blow harder and therefore the economics of wind power in the UK will be better than those of our European neighbours”, said Richard Ford of the BWEA.

Wind energy opponents, however, found substance in the report:

“At last. This report confirms what we have been saying,” said Angela Kelly, director of Country Guardian, an umbrella group for the anti-wind-power lobby. “Wind power is three times more expensive than conventional electricity. It is a scandalous waste of taxpayers’ money.”

We’ve had a great debate on this. Odo, Eric, where are you?

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