Need a Ride to Burning Man?

vw bus at burning man

I’ve never been to Burning Man, the annual celebration of art and community that takes place in the northern Nevada desert every Summer. From what I understand, though, getting to it isn’t your ordinary drive to a camping spot: the “Transportation & Traffic” section of the Burning Man Survival Guide lists multiple challenges, from a lack of services to kamikaze jackrabbits. I kind of like solo drives through uninhabited landscapes, but this sounds like a trip you want to make with others.

The founders of Bay Area ridesharing service Ridejoy knew that, also, as one of them was a Burning ManΒ veteran. Furthermore, they liked the idea of associating their new company with the spirit of friendliness and sharing that are hallmarks of the annual creation and destruction of “Black Rock City.” So, in the summer of 2011, before launching their main offering, these entrepreneurs decided to try their service out by arranging rides to Burning Man. They scooped up the domain name BurningManRides.com, and put up a site.

It worked: hundreds of “burners” arranged rides through the site, and loved the experience. Though Ridejoy is up and running now, they’ve kept the Burning Man-specific site up, and have already arranged over 550 rides to this year’s gathering. They’ve even made the event a part of their company culture by offering free tickets to any employee who’d like to attend. Though based in the Bay Area, and known up and down the West Coast, Ridejoy’s ridesharing arrangements can be made from anywhere, so it’s worth checking to see if you can catch a ride regardless of where you’re located.

Heading to Burning Man this year? If you don’t already have a way there, this looks like a great option! Stay safe, enjoy yourself, and let us know about the experience when you get back.

Image credit: Michael Holden via photo pin cc

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