Poverty and Obesity: What’s the Connection? [Infographic]

We don’t do as much on issues of human health as much as some of our sister sites, but our concern with the environment certainly incorporates wellness… both individually and collectively. So when a friend offered me this infographic exploring the links between poverty and obesity, I jumped at it: these kinds of connections are at the very heart of what we do here at sustainablog.

Sure, this is largely an economic issue… but, at least part of that economic equation involves lack of access to green spaces and fresh food. Furthermore, the poor often don’t have access to the information necessary to make, well, sustainable choices on this front. Fortunately, movements like urban agriculture are combining a desire for self-sufficiency with concern about the local environment… and may even help with the prevalence of obesity in poorer areas.

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Poverty and Obesity
Source: Healthcare-Administration-Degree.net

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