Real Leadership on a Real Energy Policy

Of course, it’s happening in Japan… From Alternative Energy Blog, news that:

Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi on Friday instructed ministers in his Cabinet to work out a long-term energy plan featuring increased use of alternatives to oil, such as solar and wind power, a government official said.

At a meeting of ministers on the country’s energy policy, Koizumi said Japan should draft an energy plan that goes beyond the one the government has compiled up to fiscal 2010 and that the new plan should put priority on departing from oil dependency and boosting alternative energy consumption, the official said.

“We need to decrease consumption of oil and bring in new alternative energy sources including solar and wind power as well as fuel cells,” Koizumi was quoted as saying. “That is the way we should transform our country from a nation with almost no resources.”

Rising oil prices are behind the move, but, ultimately, Japan is demonstrating once again that it can take the long view on a current “crisis.” So, how many spankings do we in the US have to take from the Japanese before we get it?

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