Ready to Recycle Your Computer? Protect Your Data First…

Computers ready for recycling... but what about the data?
Computers ready for recycling… but what about the data?

Many of you had great suggestions when we published a post on computer recycling in February. I’m dealing with this issue myself now… my wife wants the old equipment out of the basement! I dutifully went and found out where I could take the old systems, but was still concerned: what about the data still on the hard drives? Can’t wipe them with a program — they don’t run anymore. Can I count on the recycler to take care of that for me? Do I want to risk it?

A little digging around brought up this incredibly useful video from the folks at Geek Squad on how to destroy your hard drive:

I haven’t tried it yet, but have my hammer and drill ready to go. Any further suggestions here?

Ready to replace that old computer? Used laptops are always an inexpensive (and green) option.

Image credit: Robert S. Donovan at Flickr under a Creative Commons license

  1. Funny Business

    Try finding somewhere to recycle your old projector hd t.v.! No one will repair it and no thrift store will take it. Landfills will sometimes take old t.v.’s, but usually lcharge . Oh well, maybe it will make a nice planter.

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