Shipping Containers Add Hip Sustainability To New Marriott Brand [Photographs]

open air shipping container bar

If you’ve ever seen stacks and stacks of shipping containers sitting at a port, words like “hip,” “edgy,” and “stylish” probably didn’t come to mind. But designers around the world have seen all sorts of cool possibilities in these basic structures. One of the latest comes from hotel chain Marriott, whoΒ hired container designers SG Blocks to add a bit reused edge to the launch of it Moxy Hotel brand in the United States.

The contractor came up with prototypes for an open-air bar, and a hotel room based on shipping containers. On display atΒ The Americas Lodging Investment Summit in Los Angeles, these designs will find a home at company headquarters Bethesda, Maryland. The bar will travel to company events that need a bit of youthful zing, though…

No words on whether these concept will actually be used in Moxy Hotels… that would be exceptionally cool and hip and edgy. Take a look at the photos from the LA launch, and let us know what you think.

shipping container prototypes on display in los angeles

open air shipping container bar

open air bar made from shipping container

hotel room built from shipping containers

shower of shipping container hotel room

shipping container hotel room bathroom

Credit for all photos: Quoc Ngo

  1. Than Nguyen

    Shipping containers lend themselves to many architectural uses. Shipping containers are inherently strong from a structural perspective and they’re modular so they can
    be locked together easily. Shipping containers can also make excellent building
    materials because they are built to carry heavy loads and reduce construction costs.
    Than Nguyen

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