The Most Important Solar Fountain Benefits

Installing a solar fountain in your yard has many benefits. Besides the obvious aesthetic benefit, solar fountains can improve your overall standard of living. Investigate all the features you desire and check out some of these reasons why a solar fountain makes sense for your property.

Improve your Yard’s Appearance

Your lawn will have a general sheen and natural look that you never thought possible. Keep your needs in mind when choosing a fountain, as the size of your garden and yard will dictate the solar power necessary. For an ideal looks and supreme functionality, place the fountain directly in the center of your garden. Get creative with it by choosing a theme and build other water movements into the surrounding area.

No Electricity Needed

The real edge with a solar fountain is seen in the power savings. Even though the fountain is on for many hours a day, it doesn’t add a cent to your electric bill. It is a one-time investment that will literally pay for itself in no time at all. Outside of changing the solar panel power cord or some batteries, maintenance is minimal. Enjoy the low-cost benefits of having your own natural fountain.

Light Environmental Impact

If you see a fountain, and it isn’t powered by solar energy, you can be assured that it is utilizing a lot of power, and ultimately contributing to the release of greenhouse gases. An elelctricity-free item is about as eco-friendly as you can get.

Low Maintenance

As previously stated, maintenance is virtually nil with a solar fountain. Even cleaning is less of a chore, as those powered by an electric motor tend to gather more foreign matter that needs to be cleaned out. Taking care of your home and yard is hard enough, and this just gives you one less thing to worry about.


Roll up those extension cords and let the sun give your pond or garden fountain the power it needs.

If you are looking to switch over from an existing electric pump or add a new fountain to a pond, garden or bird bath, don’t contact an electrician. Their services are not cheap and these compact, powerful, solar-fueled pumps are surprisingly easy to install on your own.

There is a separate solar panel kit that you stake into your yard in a location that receives optimal sunlight. Panels can be adjusted and the cord is plenty long enough to allow you to find a perfect location.

Image credit: David DMuir via Flicker Creative Commons

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