Sustainable Energy for All: How to Get There by 2030 [Infographic]

The idea of “powering the world” seems a bit overwhelming… and probably unlikely, if we think strictly in the context of how we generate and distribute power in the developed world. If, however, we focus on readily-available energy sources that people in the developing world can use for common, everyday tasks – like cooking or charging a cell phone – getting energy to the entire world doesn’t seem quite so far-fetched, or so unsustainable.

The World Bank’s Sustainable Energy for All initiative focuses on how to get “modern energy” to the entire global population efficiently, effectively, and with the lowest environmental and health impacts. The infographic below provides a look at the initiative’s three main goals; if you’re interested in digging deeper into the research and thinking behind these goals, the Bank has a ton of content available.

No doubt, some will find action by the World Bank controversial: feel free to share your concerns with us. I like what I see in terms of realistic, measurable goals; if you do, also, please share your thoughts, too.

sustainable energy for all infographic

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