The Hazel Wolf Environmental Film Festival is Coming

Chris Schults at Grist sent me this several days ago, and it got away from me in my blogathon recovery:

The Hazel Wolf Environmental Film Festival provides a weekend of activism, inspiration, and entertainment for all those who are passionate about our environment and interested in environmental films.

Filmmakers, environmental activists, educators, scientists, students, and concerned citizens come together for four days of films, workshops, and expert panel discussions, all focusing on new issues and ideas about our culture and environment. This year’s theme is Walking the Ecological Line.

The festival takes place at the beautiful Sleeping Lady Mountain Retreat in Leavenworth, Washington.

A five-minute film provides an excellent introduction to the festival and its unique setting. Enjoy it!

For those of you in the area, this ought to be a “can’t miss.” Certainly report in afterwards…

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