Tom’s Tainted Team

This has been out for a number of days, but the League of Conservation Voters has released a report called Tom’s Tainted Team that describes the efforts of ten good buddies of Tom DeLay’s in the House that have fought the good fight to

protect makers and refiners of the dangerous chemical MTBE from pollution liability. MTBE, a potential carcinogen, has contaminated groundwater systems in at least 29 states, threatening the drinking water of millions of Americans. The MTBE polluter bailout provision will force states and local taxpayers, not the producers, to pay billions to clean up the MTBE contamination.

So, if pressed, how do you suppose Mr. DeLay and cohorts will fit this into the vision of a “culture of life?” And let’s not even think about an “ownership society,” “responsibility,” “accountability,”… please feel free to add your own right-wing cliches.

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