Tonight’s Green Business Chat: Is Bigger Better?

Meant to get this up last night, but it got away from me. Last week, the New York Times ran its special section on green business, and the news was primarily about the green initiatives of GE, Wal-Mart and Ford. Similarly, VCs like Kleiner Perkins are moving into green technology aggressively. What does this mean for green business? Will these big players define “green business” for the rest of us, and will they squeeze out smaller, and perhaps more innovative, companies? On the other hand, does the entry of these corporations into the green business niche create opportunities for the rest of us? These are complex issues that deserve discussion, so we’ll see what we can figure out tonight.

If you haven’t participated in a Green Business Chat, just drop me a note for an invitation to our Campfire chat room. We get started at 6:30 PST/8:30 CST, and go until 8/10. As always, we’re grateful for the sponsorship of CFLBulbs.com.

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