Wind Energy Jobs are Also Water Conservation Jobs [Infographic]

wind energy jobs water conservation infographic selection

Think you’d like to work in the field of water conservation? Though you may be tempted to think that such gigs exist almost completely within the non-profit, academic, and government spheres, water gets used (and often reused) in all sorts of industries: from agriculture to manufacturing to energy production. Each of these fields needs experts in making the most efficient use of precious water resources available to it.

But what Β if you’re looking for something a bit more hands-on? Does that limit you to plumbing? No. If you’re looking for a growing, cutting-edge field for work, you may want to dig into wind energy jobs, as this form of renewable energy is also very water-friendly. Take a look at this infographic:

wind energy jobs and water conservation infographic

Interesting, huh? And while colleges and universities, trade schools, and labor unions are all offering more training in renewable energy technology, you probably want to dig into the facts surrounding wind energy jobs themselves: the opportunities and outlook for the industry, requirements and expectations for specific jobs, and insights from professionals working in the field. Our friends at Ecotech Institute have put together just such an information resource: their new, free ebook on careers in the wind energy industry. If combining water conservation with the climbing of 300-foot ladders sounds like the perfect combination for you, you’ll want to check this book out.

But wind energy isn’t the only form of renewable energy that’s easy on our water supplies: solar PV technology also doesn’t require any water for the production of energy. If you think a rooftop is high enough for you, or if you just find solar energy a more interesting career possibility, Ecotech Institute also has an ebook out on career facts there, also.

Once you’ve spent some time with these ebooks, come back and let us know what you’re thinking about next steps. Does renewable energy strike you as the right direction to take your skills, knowledge, and ambition? Let us know what you think…

Infographic courtesy of Ecotech Institute

This post was generously supported by Ecotech Institute.

Need to see a larger version of this graphic? Click here.

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