Top 5 Green Events to Attend in San Francisco and the Bay Area in 2012

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If you’re an environmentally minded person then there may be no better city to live in than beautiful San Francisco, California. Well known for its strong political stance on many “green” issues and sporting a population long admired for its liberal ideas and social conscience, San Francisco offers some of the best events available to broaden your environmental horizons by educating, teaching skills and organizing like-minded people via a broad array of fun, appealing events.

If you’re in the Bay Area and looking to get involved in the movement to keep our Earth clean and healthy well into the future, check out these top five green events to be held in San Francisco!

1. EcoTuesdays


Coming up on its fifth anniversary, the EcoTuesdays event brings together a wide array of people from both sustainable industries and from within the community to discuss local and global environmental issues, focusing on a good rapport and leading to real world solutions.

In addition to the regular monthly EcoTuesdays events, semi-annual panel discussions are also held, allowing knowledgeable thought leaders with unique opinions and ideas to debate with a focus on a single topic or issue, leading to the gaining of perspective and ideas for all in attendance.

2. Green Festival

Green Festival

Long known for its environmentally friendly persona, there is no better city in which to host a renowned Green Festival than San Fran! Dubbed a “Party with a Purpose,” the Green Festival brings together like-minded individuals to take part in more than 125 workshops, sessions, demonstrations and speeches aimed at helping all to better grasp not only green issues but the solutions to them on a local, national and global scale.

True to its slogan, the Green Festival doubles as a party with local organic beer makers, food vendors and wine vintners attending to help create a festive atmosphere focused on not only education, but a good time as well.

3. SF Environment Meetings & Events

SF Environment Meetings & Events

Created by the city of San Francisco itself, the SF Environment initiative hosts hundreds of events each year with topics ranging from good composting practices to some of the serious green issues facing the city and its people. Use their interactive website to learn more about what you can do and utilize the group’s very active calendar to meet other environmentally aware citizens with an eye towards change at a far-ranging array of events and meetings.

4. San Francisco Green Drinks

San Francisco Green Drinks

Another initiative aimed to bring green-minded people together is San Francisco Green Drinks, a monthly social networking event playing host to several hundred environmental professionals at the popular 111 Minna art gallery and bar just south of Market Street. Combining an effective community volunteer network with local companies willing to spend time and money on enhancing environmental education, the free-to-attend SF Green Drinks events are always a great combination of fun, learning and opportunity to make a difference!

5. San Francisco GreenBiz Forum

San Francisco GreenBiz Forum

Held in cities around the world, including San Franciso, the GreenBiz Forum takes its cues from the annual State of Green Business Report, shaping events and topics around the most pressing issues facing business and industry in the wake of a changing climate and dwindling natural resources. Workshops, keynote speakers and networking opportunities during this one day event aim to further educate businesspeople in green industries on the latest concerns facing them, focusing on actionable ideas and implementable solutions.

Planning to go? Here are a few traveling and accommodation tips:

Let us know in the comments which eco-friendly events you have ever visited and which ones of them tuned out particualrly worth it!

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