Cargo Bike Sharing Platform Goes Online in Germany

cargo bike

Cargo bikes are useful for all sorts of things: from bringing home groceries to delivering soup to collecting food for the needy. But for those trips which don’t require cargo capacity (most of them), do you really want to lug around that extra equipment? And if you’re only going to use it for some trips, do you really want to shell out the extra bucks for a cargo bike?

Now, there’s another option (well, at least if you live in Germany): Velogistics is an online cargo bike sharing system. Need to make a Cartrip to the grocery store? Boot up and find a nearby cargo bike owner that will rent you his/her ride.

Lynn Fang at Green Living Ideas has all the details, so go take a look…

Image credit:Β vikapproved at Flickr under a Creative Commons license

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