Carpooling to Campus [Infographic]

Getting to class on a college campus is a pretty sustainable process: you walk or bike from your dormitory to the appropriate classroom building, right? That’s still how most of us conceive of a college student… but that hasn’t been the norm for quite some time. Most students live off-campus and commute, which often means a single person in a single car.Β Not quite so sustainable, huh?

So, how’s a student supposed to get to class on time while maintaining his/her ecological values? Mass transit is one option; walking and/or biking are others. If you’re not in an urban setting, though, these may be difficult; in that case, carpooling/ride sharing may be Β your best option. The following infographic lays out the environmental and financial benefits of sharing rides to class, and even provides some suggestions for organizing your carpooling group.

Do you share rides with fellow students? Let us know how you make carpooling work for you… (Click on the image for a larger version)

carpooling to campus infographic

Credit: 21st.com Car Insurance Resources

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