How to Dry Your Hands with Just One Paper Towel

OK, hand drying really isn’t a necessary activity: I try to remind myself whenever I’m washing my hands in a public restroom that I’m not really drying my hands; I’m just drying them faster. They’ll dry without any aids. But if you really don’t want to walk out of the restroom with damp hands, you’ve got better options than the typical fistful of paper towels. You could carry your own microfiber towel, or you could make more efficient use of the available paper towels.

Attorney Joe Smith shows us just how to do the latter in hisΒ TEDxConcordiaUPortland talk above… and reminds us that if we all just used one less paper towel per day, we’d collectively save a lot of paper.

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  1. Juan Miguel Ruiz

    Great video, I like his personality. Definitely a likeable person, and I think it’s easier to follow someone like this. Again, great video. Thanks for sharing!

    Juan Miguel Ruiz

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