Five for Friday: Great Green Blogs Posts for the Week (8/13/10)

Would you like pink slime with that?
Would you like pink slime with that?

Wow… it’s hot! Between the record-breaking heat around the world, and other extreme weather phenomena, you can understand how global warming has moved up into the number two spot on Regator’s Environmentalism page… got to be on a lot of people’s minds (even though, of course, you can’t attribute specific weather event directly to climate change…). Of course, you can see from the list of posts on the GW page that the debate hasn’t cooled down either…

Yep, there’s good stuff from the green blogosphere this week on climate issues… but “green” is wide and varied, and so are the content offerings from bloggers out there. Here’s the five we found that made us sit up and say “Ohhh…”

Our Five Friday Green Blog Post Picks

  1. The oil’s gone? That’s certainly what’s being hinted at in an awful lot of media reports from the Gulf Coast… but the Dirty Cajuns take issue with these stories… as well as those claiming seafood from the Gulf is safe to eat. And, if you still have seen DC’s Drew Landry giving an impromptu performance in front of the oil spill commission, take a look now… it’s very moving.
  2. The summer of global weirding: I try to keep Five for Friday focused on smaller blogs, but Ryan Grim and Lucia Graves’ round-up of this summer’s weird weather events from HuffPo Green really is an eye-opener.
  3. Get’cher free solar panels: Sounds like a late-night infomercial pitch, but British company Homesun is spending Β£1 billion to give away solar systems. No, the company hasn’t lost it… they plan to recoup their investment through earnings from the British feed-in tariff. Dan Harding at Calfinder’s Solar Blog has more details
  4. Small-space gardening: Just because you live in an efficiency doesn’t mean you can’t be surrounded by green… edible or otherwise. Becky Striepe show a few alternatives for growing plants in small spaces at Green Upgrader.
  5. Two words… pink slime: Sound gross? Yes… and it may be in the fast food burger you’re eating. Grist‘s Umbra has more…

That’s our five… and I’m off to cool down. What did you find this week…?

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Image credit: ian at Flickr under a Creative Commons license

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