How To Recycle Plastic Bottles Into A Floating Private Island [Video]

recycle plastic bottles into a private island

recycle plastic bottles into a private island

Ever thought about owning your own private island? Sure… if those lotto numbers hit. Generally, that’s a concept reserved for the very, very wealthy. But British architect Richart Sowa doesn’t strike me as falling into that category… though he does have his own island. Rather than buying it, though, Sowa built his by recycling plastic bottles – over 150,000 of them – into a floating structure holding “his home, pool, and surrounding plants.”

Named “Joyxee Island,” and located in a lagoon off of the coast of Cancun, Mexico, Sowa’s floating home is an ongoing experiment in sustainable living and reusing “trash” in a functional manner. Not only has he figured out how to power his home, collect fresh water, and handle waste, but he’s even figured out how to create “land” with plants, sand, and soil.

The island represents seven years of work, and is his third attempt: two others were lost in hurricanes. Rose Robin’s documentary short (below) not only gives you a tour of the island, but also introduces you to many of Sowa’s unrealized ideas (he’s got a lot of these!). He’s definitely a bit eccentric, but isn’t that where some of the best ideas come from?

Watch the video, and then let us know what you think. If you’ve ever had a chance to visit Joyxee Island, tell us about it!

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