sustainablog Stands with the SOPA/PIPA Blackout

wikipedia's blacked out homepage in protest of sopa/pipa legislation
Wikipedia's "dark" home page

No, we haven’t gone dark today like some of the bigger players online. But we do stand with Wikipedia, Google, Reddit, and other sites, large and small, that have decided to shut down for the day (in part, or in full) to protest SOPA/PIPA legislation currently pending in the US House of Representatives and Senate. Our colleague Zach Shahan did a very nice job of explaining what’s up over at Planetsave, so I’m going to hand off the mike (so to speak) to him…

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  1. Amy Trenton

    “Most of the power in these bills is granted to the office of the Attorney General. The Attorney General can obtain a court order to take action against a foreign infringing site, or portions thereof, as defined by the following.” We shall see how the voting plays out in the next week.

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