Sundance Channel’s “The Green”: “Decorate” and “Manufactured Landscapes”

piedesignchina.JPGUnfortunately, my preview mailer on this week’s The Green episodes didn’t make it me, so I can’t review tonight’s features. As last week’s were just stellar, though, I wanted to make sure to give you all a “heads up” in time for tonight.

At 9 pm EDT, Big Ideas for a Small Planet will focus on the theme “Decorate.” The press materials from Sundance note that “it IS possible to have stylish furnishings without messing up the planet,” and will feature some of the designers that are working within this context. sustainablog and GO readers know this, of course, but I have no doubt we’ll all learn new things from this show.

At 9:35 pm, the aesthetic focus will continue with the documentary Manufactured Landscapes. The film profiles photographer Edward Burtynsky, and his work documenting China’s transition to an urbanized society (and the environmental costs associated with it). Ansel Adams he ain’t: think mines, factories and lava flows vs. stunning natural vistas.

To my co-workers: don’t try to catch me online during The Green: it’s my must-see TV… As these shows provide plenty of food for thought, stop by the discussion forum I’ve created for the series, and let us know what you thought.

Many thanks to Special Ops Media for the images.

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