T-shirts Made from Piezoelectric Material to Rock Glastonbury Festival

orange sound charge t-shirts
Orange's Sound Charge t-shirts

The UK’s Glastonbury Festival isn’t just one of the biggest music events in world… it’s also become a launch pad for innovative consumer renewable energy technology. Last year, mobile communications company Orange tested out its Power Wellies (which harvested foot heat for charging phones, etc.)… I gave them some love over at SUNfiltered. This year, the company’s trying out its Sound Charge t-shirts, which incorporate piezoelectric materials that “absorb” sound waves, and turn it into useful energy (again, for charging your phone… not many plugs out there).

Our friends over at Ecouterre have a thorough overview of the technology… and Orange has released the video below that explains the Sound Charge shirts.

Personally, if they work well at Glastonbury, I’m thinking they’ve got to try them out in August at Wacken Open Air… three days of metal might just power a city…

What do you think? Useful? Gimmicky? Let us know…

Image credit: Orange

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