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If you’ve visited over the past two weeks, you may have wondered “What’s up? Why no new posts?” Well, we’ve had lots going on behind the scenes that required us keeping things as is… namely, we’ve moved sustainablog into the Important Media network.

Yes, that gives us a new look (and we’d love to hear what you think about it). It also gives us an “off-the-shelf” option for bringing ads back onto the blog (a financial necessity online, we’ve discovered). Most importantly, though, it brings us into a thriving blog community (something that I’ve missed over the past year and a half). In some ways, this is a homecoming — IM is a reinvention of the old Green Options Media network — but with the massive changes top dog David Anderson has made both to the technological platform and the management philosophy, it’s also a move into a new(er), upcoming community of passionate bloggers within the green and “social good” space. We’re thrilled to be the new guy in town… and to be back in town.

A New Look; A Continued Mission

Making this move has given me the opportunity to think about sustainablog’s mission and values… for so long, these were just assumed, but I came to realize that organizing and recording these elements of our identity made sense on a number of levels. As we move into this next chapter, it was good to figure out (again) who we are and what we stand for. That “we” includes our visitors… so, rather than just simply putting forth a settled statement, I decided to share the document on which we’ve been collaborating, and to give you the opportunity to contribute. We think we know what you expect from us… but why make assumptions?

So, here’s the most recent version of our Mission, Values, and Practices document. I’ve held nothing back.. the only edits I made involved a few internal references aimed at specific people (which might be confusing in a public document). It’s easiest to read if you click on the full screen button (far right button at the bottom of the viewer)


We’re very interested in your thoughts, suggestions, and criticisms… feel free to share them here, or in the comment area on the documents page at Scribd.

With heaping helpings of gratitude,

Jeff Mcintire-Strasburg

Founder and editor

Image credit: romulusnr at Flickr under a Creative Commons license

    1. Jeff McIntire-Strasburg

      Thanks, Zach! Can’t take much credit for the look… just borrowed the color scheme and graphics we had done way back in the GO days… good to have the work of professional designer from which to crib…

      It’s good to be back!

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